First published: Thursday 17th of May 2018       Author: J.I.H

Senior match play championship

We are currently working on developing a fuller County fixture list for all Senior golfers in Northumberland and the first stage of this is to be a new Seniors event in 2018. It is the NUGC SENIOR MATCH PLAY CHAMPIONSHIP (format detailed below) to be played annually to find our Match Play champion, who will win the MIKE FLEMING SALVER. A big thank you to Mike for kindly donating the trophy.

Format - To be eligible you must a) register your interest at the Seniors Championship at Morpeth on Wednesday 20th June 2018, b) be available to play your matches by the designated dates, and c) qualify (with your 36 hole gross score) as one of the leading 8 competitors at the aforementioned Championship. The leading 8 qualifiers will play 18 holes scratch Match Play (and extra holes if tied). The matches will be seeded 1-8 where the leading qualifier plays seed 8, 2 plays 7, 3 plays 6 and 4 plays 5. The quarter finals will all be played at the qualifying venue with course courtesy provided and must be completed by the 22nd July 2018 (date to be confirmed ). Both players in each match are responsible for fixing the date and time of the match. The winner of each match is responsible for informing the result to the Senior Secretary by the final date for the quarter finals. If after the final date for the quarter finals round, no result has been notified to the Senior Secretary both parties shall be disqualified. No extensions to the round play by dates will be permitted. The semi-final and final will both be played at the qualifying venue on Sunday 29th July 2018 (date to be confirmed). The winner will have the honour of being the NUGC SENIOR MATCH PLAY CHAMPION and will hold the MIKE FLEMING SALVER for 1 year. As with the Seniors Championship, the Match Play Championship will be used as a guide for the committee in team selection and from 2019 will form part of an Order of Merit ( full details to follow).

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